EPUB is a very comfortable reading experience with a full screen view. Rich colors, crisp and sharp text make reading a pleasure. Customizable navigation modes using the touch screen, intuitive fling or tap gestures are fully supported. You can fully customize and personalize your reading experience. Rapidly navigate to any given Chapter through the Table of Content. Truly, this application is a joy to use.

Features of E-Books vs Traditional Paper Book

Search through the text for a specific word or phrase.
Carry many eBooks with you on your mobile device.
Shrink or enlarge the text size.
Add digital bookmarks and annotations.
Get instant download.
Help the environment by reducing paper use and shipping costs.

Create your own bookmarks anywhere in the book. Rapidly jump to a different section of the book through the table of content.

Touch and hold any word to search for it throughout the entire book, or look it up in dictionary, on Google or Wikipedia.

Hold the finger to highlight then drag till you select the text you want to share. Once its highlighted tap once to share.

Personalize your reading experience. Adjust text size, font type, font and background colors, margin, alignment as well as line spacing to best suit your preferences.

An eye friendly option to adjust the brightness of your display. slide your finger along the left edge of the touchscreen. It helps you to adjust the brightness acoording to your need.

Easily switch to Night mode when reading in low-luminosity areas. The Night mode font and background color are fully customizable as well.


How do I read on my Android device?
Download the Aldiko Book Reader from Google Play Store, start discovering, downloading and reading your next great read as well as building your personal eBook library.
What eBook formats does the Aldiko Book Reader support?
The Aldiko Book Reader supports Adobe-DRMed ePub and PDF as well as non-encrypted ePub and PDF formats.


How do I read on my iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch?

Download the iBooks app from App Store. Then fill your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad library with books from islamicmobility. Just select EPUB format & click OPEN IN > IBOOKS

What eBook Formats Does iPad Support?

One of the big selling features of the iPad is iBooks, the app and online store that turns the iPad into an EReader. But reading ebooks on the iPad doesn't mean you have to buy from Apple's iBooks Store. The iPad also supports other ebook file formats.


How do I read on my on kindle device?

Kindle supports .MOBI file format, click on KINDLE link (mobi format).

What eBook Formats Does kindle Support?
Kindle is a dedicated device for reading electronic books. It supports mobi format but one can open PDF also which helps the user to download more books other then this website.

Use your finger as a highlighter when youíre reading an ebook. Just swipe over the selected text, and itís highlighted. Then take your finger off the screen, and the word will be selected. You can also expand the text selection by dragging the blue handles on either side. This option help the reader to share the text/paragraphy/page through email or on social media like facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc.

Selecting your desired word or paragraphy in the ebook will bring up a menu with the option to "Search", among other options.
Tapping "Search" will offer you the options to search in "Google" and on "Wikipedia". Note that the last two options are limited to a maximum of 10 words per selection, and require your device to be connected to a network. You can read your ebook offline but if you like to use the search option then you must be connected.

Tap a highlighted text section and a colour palette appears. Change colors, switch to underline. To remove highlighting from text, select the text, from the menu tap the empty box with an "x" in it. Similarly, to add a note about a word or phrase, select the desired text. In the menu that tap "Note". You can type your note into the notepad that's displayed

To review all of the text you've highlighted or notes you've taken in ebook, tap the center of the screen to bring up the controls, then tap the table of contents button. In the Menu, tap "Notes" or "Bookmark" to see all of the text you've highlighted, bookmarked or taken notes against.