Elements of Islamic Studies

Author: Syed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi

Category:History - Reference, Laws - Fiqh, Lifestyle - Morals, Wisdom - Spirituality, Traditions - Hadith, Family - Marriage,


Tags:Elements of Islamic Studies,Syed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi,tawheed,roots,branches,usul,furu,deen,sifat,salbiy,History - Reference,Laws - Fiqh,Lifestyle - Morals,Wisdom - Spirituality,Traditions - Hadith,Family - Marriage

Date: 2020-03-15

The first edition of this book was published on 15th Sha'ban, 1388 A.H. (7/11/1968), by Haji Mohamed A. Khimji. The booklet was introduced in the classes of Religious Studies in Secondary Schools. Within a short period the book went out of stock; but the demand increased every day. Therefore, the Mission has decided to reprint it. This edition has been completely revised (according to the Fatwa of Agha Syed Abu’l Qasim al-Khu’i, Dama Dhilluhul-Aali, Najaf, Iraq). Also, many subjects have been added because of the popular demand. For example, details of Ghusls, prayers of Ayaat, Jumu’ah, ‘Eidain, Mayyit and Jama’at. This has increased the pages from 52 to 85. Also, the size is enlarged and the type used is bigger and clearer. I am very thankful to Haji Amirali Haji Karim, Nairobi, to prepare questions which have been given at the end of the book. I hope this edition will be more useful than the previous one. Sayyid Sa’eed Akhtar Rizvi, Dar Es Salaam. 28th Safar, 1391

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