Monotheism Tawhid

Author: Ayatullah Syed Ali Khamenei

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Date: 2020-08-31

A man enters the circle of Tawhid (Unity of God) by declaring la ilaha ill Allah (there is no god but Allah). He denies the existence of other gods while believing in one God. This decisive monotheism is the basis of Islamic vision and faith. This vision of God proves the principle that sovereignty is the exclusive domain of Allah; only He can make the laws and a man can only infer his rules and regulations from the light of Shari’a. Same vision of ilah tells us that a man can draw his values in life only from Allah. Any value in life that is not acceptable on Allah’s scale will carry no weight. Every law, tradition and organization that goes against Allah’s system is worth naught. Therefore, the faith in unity of God creates an awareness in one’s conscience that leads to a detailed life map. The fact of the matter is that Allah keeps watch over each and every part of this universe and is present all the time and for every situation. When Allah wanted to make the man His vice-regent on this earth, He blessed him with His cognizance and promised that soon He will show him some markers for the right path hidden within him as well as the cosmos. This promise came true in the form of new secrets being revealed to him all the time that are essential for him to play the role of vice-regent; and as a result of discovering these principles, it became imperative on the man to achieve higher spiritual levels Allah had determined for him. The man can rise to the highest levels of greatness but cannot go beyond the limits set for Allah’s servants. This book should be read to understand this philosophy.

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