The Concept of Polygamy and the Marriages of the Prophet Muhammad

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Date: 2020-09-27

Since 9/11, we have observed that certain groups have tried to capitalize on that tragedy, by attacking Islam from all sides. Unfortunately, even some Christian TV channels have joined in the hatemongering, trying to tarnish the image of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny). One of the most common themes in their attack against Islam is regarding the Prophet Muhammad’s many wives. This booklet will discuss the concept of polygamy in Islam, followed by the marriages of the Prophet. Marriage Marriage in Islam is a sign of God’s power and glory. The Qur’ãn says: “From His signs is that He has created for you spouses from yourselves so that you may get peace [and tranquility] through them; and He placed between you love and mercy. In these are signs for the people who reflect.” (30:21) 1 Monogamy & Polygyny Generally speaking, there are two types of marriages in Islam: • Monogamy: one man married to one woman; • Limited polygyny (a kind of polygamy): one man married to two, three or at the most four wives. In Islam, the ideal marriage is the monogamous form of marriage. Limited polygyny is a provision approved by Islam only for exceptional circumstances; and that also, with many stringent conditions. 2 The vast majority of Muslim men are monogamous in their marriage relationships; those who have more than one wife are very few, likely less than 0.1% of the Muslim world.

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