The Month of Shaban

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Date: 2020-03-15

Significance Sha’ban is the month of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), in which believers are told to increase their remembrance of the Prophet and send blessings on him. The Prophet (pbuh) has said that whoever loves him will fast in this month. It is also recommended to give sadaqa and seek istighfar in this month. Sha’ban is the only month of the Islamic calendar which does not have a single wafat, or day of mourning. It is truly a blessed month, with auspicious occasions of the birth of many great personalities: 3rd – Birthday of Imam Husayn (pbuh) 4th – Birthday of Hazrat Abbas (pbuh) 5th – Birthday of Imam Ali Zaynul Abideen (pbuh) 15th – Birthday of Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi (pbuh) Rasulullah (pbuh) has said: “Sha’ban is my month”. He used to fast for the whole month of Sha’ban. Imam Ali Zaynul Abideen (pbuh) has said, “Whosoever loves the Prophet and wishes to seek nearness to Allah receiving His bounties, favours and rewards in this world and in the hereafter, must connect Sha’ban with the month of Ramadhan in the matter of fasting and special prayers”.

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