Al Malhoof Ala Katla Al Tofoof

Author: Dr. Mohammad Al Sharkawy

Category:History - Reference, Personalities, Wisdom - Spirituality, Traditions - Hadith, Stories - Narrative, Karbala - Ashura,


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Date: 2020-11-27

This book is a translation of the original Arabic book called " Al-Malhoof Ala Katla Al-Tofoof " which is a brief, and short story of the battle of Karbala. The author of the original Arabic book is named "Al-Sayed ibn Tawoos" who is a descendent of Ali ibn Abi-Talib (A.S.). The author lived in Iraq and died at year 664 A.H. at Baghdad. I dedicate this little work to the pure soul of Imam Husein ibn Ali (A.S.). I hope that this translation helps the peoples of earth to know some aspects of the master of martyrs, Imam Husein (A.S.). The infallible imam who taught the people the finest lessons of declining unfairness, bravery, generosity, nobility, and patience. The slave of Allah, the servant of Al-Husein (A.S.),The man who needs the intercession of Al-Husein (A.S.) at the judgment day Dr. Mohammad Al-Sharkawy Egypt-Alexandria, June 2007

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